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Finding the right fit

First and foremost, find the right contractor. There are many horror stories out there, and unfortunately we were not immune.

Many of our home tweaks were DYI, with some handymen & handy-women we found along the way. Only a few had the integrity and ethics we require, making it possible where a relationship developed, then unexpectedly into a great respected friendship, that delightfully unfolded; as with Mb, and Damon.

Unfortunately, we first suffered through nightmares that ranged from no boundaries and passive aggressive behavior, to fleecing intention, with everything in between.

Once I decided we were going to throw down some serious coin, I did much research. As did my husband. Gary brought a few folks over, and although professionals, I didn’t feel they had artist vision.

After firing our first architect; I also never returned to all those capable craftsmen I had lined up to hire that lead me to this architect. The experience too traumatizing, therefore, we were starting from scratch.

My husband heard of a contractor, “through the local donut shop” believe it or not, that many in the neighboring subdivisions were very happy with their final results. Keith & Irma were kind enough to welcome us into their home to review the remodeled work done by Damon Webb Construction. I was, indeed, impressed.

We interviewed and gingerly hammered out the details with Damon. He proved to be a patient contractor, and he understood we had trust issues. His bride and I chatted often, and soon I grew comfortable hiring DWC and team.

At 18-months, nearing the end, and I can’t imagine tolerating 1-day if Damon didn’t listen, and the collaboration wasn’t positive. He is very respectful; texting me every night to give the next day’s ETA (I don’t know if he does this with all clients. It was my requirement, since it wasn’t a safe environment with dust, noise and that we live across the street from a wildlife barranca. It was a must I take my dog to work with me everyday.)

If there were days were no one was coming he would let me know so that I could leave our Martini home. Whenever there is a new craftsman to bring over, be it stucco work, paint, tile, electric, Damon is always there to introduce us before bringing them into our home. I feel safe and respected.

My husband has always treated, and taught me, our budget is like playing cards. Never show your hand. I’ve grown to trust Damon, so much so, that I am forthright with budget limits, and even bounce off him rates I've gathered on my own for fixtures, and/or other supplies that exceeded our original downstairs design. He is not greedy and has the highest integrity. His two right hand guys, family, his nephews, Randy and Tanner. I've grown to Love these boys, (boys to me) young men in reality. They have spent Saturdays working with me on “honey-do” projects that give our home that finishing touch.

Below is a blog post from the Vetrazzo trade blog featuring our kitchen design countertop & cabinet hardware materials.


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