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Again, relationships, caring, responsible vendors will make all the difference in the outcome of your design, construction or remodel of your home or business.

In addition to Damon and his team; Sharon Forcey from Pierre Habitat (earth friendly products) will go that extra mile to ensure your cabinet hardware, and vendor or client gifts, are met with your quality specifications.

Mb Hanrahan is a local Venura artist who has the ability to interpet your vision.  She created the lapis faux wall in our entry way, the ceramic memorial garden hearts honoring both our dogs, and many of her original pieces compliment our home walls.

Justin Webster Painting contractor are master painter like none I've ever seen or experienced.  Perfection.

Dave & from Pacific Stoneworks is communicative, respectful vendors that will ensure your countertops are exactly how you envision.

Lastly, although primary, Damon pulled Jon Diegas, architect, out of retirement.  Lucky for us.  He was/is the absolute perfect fit for our remodeling needs.  His work has raised the standard bar, in addition to being such a good man.


The best vendors, master craftsmen and sales reps in the business

artist Mb Hanrahan 

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