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Home Design

Karen J. Bednorz

Along with designing our home, I too have been a work in progress.  Finding happiness; seek quality employment, surround oneself with possitive good people and relationships.  These are the behaviors that will assist in bringing you to your highest good, and thrive.   I've always summed up the world as "givers and takers".  To quote Irma Kurtz : "givers have to set limits because takers rarely do".  Boundaries are what will reclaim your personal power.   This is never more true than in business.  Therefore finding an ethical contractor was like finding gold.

Damon Webb Construction Team

DWC and crew are prompt, respectful, clean and will put their life and health on the line to make your dream a reality.  When a sub-contractor is scheduled for an aspect of the job, Damon is there, before scheduled, to introduce the craftsman who will be in your home.  They are perfectionist, and understand the trust put forth, not only for their craft, but your security. 


That being said, I have the expectation of my clients to be just as respectful to Damon and construction crew.

Have a realistic budget


I've found incredible deals for decorating.  High end, American made, items can be found in discount retailers, believe it or not, such as Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, and Ross For Less (the Designer named eco-safe pots seen here for example).  I've also asked for discounts when appropriate.  In addition, when working with DWC, Damon's discount is available for materials.

Having said all the above, contractors, architect, and sub-contractors should be paid reasonably.  Be cognizant that when requesting an estiment, Damon will most likely spend 6-8 hours assessing all aspects of your desired job, and realistic rates for a fair estiment.

Customer Code of Conduct

My beloved father was a  career house painter by day and jazz saxophone musician by night. He died shortly after his 70th birthday from Emphysema due to environmental toxins and second hand smoke.   When he started his career the EPA hadn't yet been established, nor the awareness of the health harmful chemicals and practices.  


As I stated previously, blue collar workers put their lives and health on the line everyday.  I watched it first hand as DWC and sub-contractors transformed our home into a magazine worthy showpiece.  


I will never forget, when volunteering for our local land trust, Ventura Land Trust (previously VHC), being backstage for an annual music festival we produced;  Jack Johnson donated his talents, which helped greatly in our exposure, and greater funds toward future land preservation.  He always greeted every volunteer with a handshake and eye contact.  Literally a rock star, respectfully acknowledging us and our own valuable time.  

You will be spending a lot of money, and you do deserve to get what you paid for.  One can assertively give direction, express expectations, and guard one's own privacy without being a primadona.  Be kind.

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