Our flat in Campo de Fiori, Rome
Our apartment in the courtyard of Arco deli Acetari. I fell in Love with these window doors ~ the inspiration to our great room window wall/French slider doors.
Our flat is to the left of the buildings in the photos of this slide show attached.
I designed our kitchen island around our baby girl Martini. The happiest Pekingese pup ever. She passed away, too soon, on February 26, 2016
I fell in Love with this film, featuring Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson, because of this kitchen. I call it domestic porn, and the inspiration that helped define what I wanted in my own kitchen,
Borrow from Pinterest
This tree branch railing is one of my all time favorite finds on Pinterest from hoograven.nl Our banister was loosely modeled after this except ours is to code, and I won't have to worry about children or pets harming themselves on it.
Concrete rustic fireplace
I found this, but I knew wanted something more modern.
More like it!
Then I found this design that I pulled from for our dinning room re-do of the brick & mirror original tract house fireplace.
faux Mick De Giulio designer sink
Mick's designs are multi-fictional, which is appealing to me. This Houzer sink is very close in features, and way more affordable
Thatcher Wine book cover designer
Thatcher is renowned for his custom library book cover image designs, and decorative book covers.
Fireplace detail
This mother-of-pearl small square tile is gorgeous. I, however, was looking for something shimmery, but with more contrast pop.
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Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

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