Boarded up grand opening
After the original slider was removed, the 15' X 8' opening was created. Every night the opening had to be boarded up, then taken down in the morning.
Original Kitchen
I got talked into painting the yellow tile countertops. Terrible design fix as they chipped badly. I don't recommend doing this. Stove in-between the two cabinets & divider wall. Opposite side was original dinning room.
Original Kitchen sink & counter
Refriderator was on the wall where the stove is now located. Counters & sink location remain the same however we raised the height.
Bones of dinning room & kitchen
Removing the "keyhole wall to dinning room, the wall between dinning room & kitchen and raising the dropped kitchen ceiling to be equal height with rest of open concept great room & kitchen
Great Room
Removing bookshelves on each side of white-washed brick fireplace w/arched opening.
View from new dinning room
Raised entry way removed. Extending stairway steps to meet flush level first floor.
Tim working hard for the $
Shoring up the second floor by jackhammering into the foundation and then digging horizontally under foundation where feet of concrete was poured.
Exterior shoring up in 2 places
On each side of the 15' window wall DWC team, again, dug down & under the foundation, pouring more concrete to support the second floor and secure 15 X 8' French slider doors and window wall.
Stages of interior foundation
Support frame until extended wall is built.
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