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Solo Così

My personal philosophy;  

one of the greatest sins is not

appreciating one another.  

Carry your design & what speaks to you outside

In memory of our dog Betty; 18 red ceramic hearts, under the apple tree, where she went everyday to discover a treat.  

Make space around your home that draws you, or your eye, outside.   This is one of the views out our kitchen window.  Doing dishes from this spot is a pleasure.  Mornings are filled with bird traffic dodging in and out of trees to eat breakfast seeds.  

Garden art that is significate to you and your story will call you outside.  Outside is where you reconnect with nature, and especailly, yourself. 

Selling our first house where my daughter & I lived.  428 S. Hurst Ave.

My home on Hurst Street that I raised my daugther in was a quaint at 936 square feet, although not neutral territory, after Gary and I became newlyweds.  Moving was a parenting strategy

Curb appeal is like a cover on a book

Everything you do, or don't do, to your home will determine it's value, and the value of your neighborhood.  Your home is your equity and nestegg.  Taking care of the exterior is respectful to everyone around you in additon to the delight and feng shui of your own tranquility.

Purchasing our first home together

As my friend Lynda Ereshan once said; "you can't build on rubble".  Starting our life together on neutral territory was a wise move.  With help from my parents in equity, we were able to purchase this "fixer-upper" in east Ventura where we began the 20+ years process of making this house into our home, most of which we did ourselves.  We continue to find joy in the transformation.

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